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2015/03/17: RAVENNA successfully used during Biathlon World Championships in Kontiolahti

RAVENNA technology has again demonstrated its reliability and suberb flexibility during the Biathlon World Cup 2015 in Kontiolahti. Finnish public broadcaster YLE had used an IP-based Commentary System with ten Lawo Commentary Units (LCU).

"The ABS/Lawo team in Kontiolahti installed the RAVENNA-based LCUs in less than three hours, and deployed pre-prepared configurations with the idents. The first commentators were able to test the connections with their home broadcasters immediately afterwards – a speed of setup that impressed the YLE staff. "  

Read more in the info section.


2015/02/02: Riedel joins RAVENNA partner community, partners with ALC NetworX

Riedel Communications, one of the world’s premier suppliers of innovative real-time communications networks for applications ranging from broadcast to security, has announced its support for RAVENNA and the AES67 standard by partnering with RAVENNA technology developers, ALC NetworX.

The partnership will accelerate Riedel’s efforts to provide RAVENNA-based AES67 interoperability capabilities for their networked Tango platform, thus reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing standards-based solutions. . <...> “We are delighted to be joining other premier technology suppliers in the RAVENNA partnership community,” saidThomas Riedel, CEO of Riedel Communications.  

Read related press release in the press section.


2015/01/08: ALC NetworX is now member of the Media Networking Alliance (MNA)

ALC NetworX,  the company leading the development of the RAVENNA  technology framework. is now official member of the Media Networking Alliance (MNA). The MNA has been formed to actively promote the adoption of the AES67 standard on High-performance Streaming Audio-over-IP Interoperability. As a consequence of ALC NetworX having actively contributed to the AES X192 Task Group work on defining the AES67 standard, RAVENNA technology is already compliant to the AES67 interoperability standard - thus, joining the MNA is just a logical step.  

Check the MNA web site for more information on their mission and on membership options.

For details on RAVENNA & AES67 check this page.

2014/12/23: Riedel announces RAVENNA / AES67 support

In its commitment to offer flexible, highly interoperable products and solutions, Riedel Communications today announced its support for the AES67 standard and the RAVENNA technology framework. <...> “We are pleased to be joining other premier technology suppliers in supporting AES67/RAVENNA and enabling straightforward use of this standard to realize efficient and flexible transport of audio over IP,” said Jake Dodson, director of product management at Riedel.  

Read related press release in the press section.

2014/12/03: RAVENNA successful at official AES67 plug-fest!

On October 27 – 30, the Audio Engineering Society (AES) was holding the first official AES67 Plugfest at the headquarters of the "Institut für Rundfunktechnik" (IRT) in Munich. The plugfest was intended specifically for engineers to test and demonstrate the interoperability of their AES67 implementations. Notably, 15 out of 16 products were based on RAVENNA.

Read the official AES news bulletin for more information.

2014/09/12: Jutel joins RAVENNA community

Today, as IBC opens its gates, Finnish company Jutel Oy, one of the most experienced suppliers of radio station automation and digital radio broadcast solutions world-wide, announces its membership of the RAVENNA community. The move follows the installation of the world’s first RAVENNA/AES67-based commercial audio system, including networked loudspeakers from Genelec.  

Read related press release in the press section.

2014/09/09: Meinberg new RAVENNA supporter

As the doors are about to open on IBC 2014, German high-precision timing equipment manufacturer Meinberg has announced its support of the RAVENNA real-time media networking technology. The announcement comes just days after the news that OMICRON Lab and ARG have also joined the RAVENNA community. 

Read related press release in the press section.

2014/09/05: ARG and OMICRON Lab new RAVENNA partners

We are gratified to note a growing interest in RAVENNA from companies providing secondary or infrastructure gear necessary to operate a RAVENNA real-time media network with utmost precision. This week, British network and distribution equipment specialist ARG and OMICRON Lab, the Austrian specialist for Smart Timing and Measurement Solutions, have joined the RAVENNA supporter community.

While ARG’s Stagebox switch has been specifically designed for broadcast applications, OMICRON Lab provides precision timing equipment, which both are ideal complements to a RAVENNA real-time media network. 

Press releases are available in the press section.

2014/07/14: RAVENNA and HORUS saves the concert in Rio

Read the story on how Merging's HORUS and RAVENNA saved the World Cup Concert at the HSBC Arena in Barra de Tijuca. Press release available in press section.

2014/07/14: RAVENNA Helps Cover World Cup Audio

"Die Mannschaft", as Germany’s national soccer team is sometimes known, wasn’t the only German entity celebrating Sunday’s World Cup win over Argentina. The quadrennial event was also the largest installation to date of the RAVENNA AoIP audio-transport protocol. The network deployed for the World Cup supported 240 RAVENNA-based LCU Lawo commentary units. Read more in the related press section...

2014/06/16: GatesAir new RAVENNA partner!

ALC NetworX is pleased to announce that GatesAir, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of broadcast equipment and turnkey solutions to create, transport and transmit over-the-air radio and TV content, has joined the RAVENNA community. The move comes in the wake of the publication of the AES67 Standard on High-performance Audio-over-IP Streaming Interoperability, which is fully in line with the fundamental operating principles of RAVENNA. Read more in the related press release and in this article.

2014/05/21: New video section in Info Area

A video series on audio networking technology, including an overwiev on audio networking technologies, an introduction to RAVENNA and the AES67 interoperability standard on high-performance audio-over-IP streaming, is now available online. Check the listings in the video section of the info area.

2014/05/07: New AES67 White Paper available in Download Section

The presentation on AES67 being held by Andreas Hildebrand at the Broadcast Engineering Conference @ NAB 2014 (including presentation video and session paper) is now available for download in the White Paper section. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2014/04/01 (no fooling!): Calrec & Orban new RAVENNA partners!

Today, two world-leading companies joined the RAVENNA community:

  • With Calrec, as a principal market leader of state-of-the-art digital mixing consoles, the impact of RAVENNA networking technology enters a new dimension: manufacturers and end users can now be confident that RAVENNA IP-based networking is truly an open standard and receives broad support from more than just one mixing desk manufacturer;  
  • Orban, a household name in broadcasting, particularly known for its world-famous OPTIMOD sound processors, has announced their decision to engage in a RAVENNA technology partnership.

Read more in the press area section...


2014/03/12: New RAVENNA products announced @ ProLight & Sound 2014!

We’re delighted to announce that 4 new RAVENNA-enabled products will be making their entrance during PL&S:

  • Star among the debutants is the Neumann DMI-8, which will be available later this year with a dual-port RAVENNA interface option. The DMI-8 is an 8-channel interface for AES 42 microphones, which now enhances the RAVENNA signal chain towards the acoustic sound source. A fully functional pre-series prototype will be on preview on the RAVENNA booth (B50, Hall 8.0).
  • DirectOut (Booth B91, Hall 8.0) is showcasing the new MONTONE.42, a RAVENNA-to-MADI converter featuring 4 MADI and 2 RAVENNA ports.
  • Also introduced by DirectOut is the new RAVENNA interface option for the PRODUCER.COM, now featuring high-performance, ultra-low latency RAVENNA streaming with up to 64 channels.
  • And then, watch out for Merging’s HAPI, the son of HORUS. You can meet & greet HAPI at any time during show hours at Merging Technologies' booth (Hall 8.0, B90).



2014/03/05: Cordial to provide dedicated RAVENNA CAT5 cable

Under a special cooperation agreement, Cordial and ALC NetworX have collaborated on the manufacture and promotion of a RAVENNA-branded CAT5 cable for professional use.

To support the growing RAVENNA ecosystem, Cordial has created a heavy duty data cable with a RAVENNA imprint and a light green coloured PUR jacket. The RAVENNA cable conforms to the CAT 5e transmission standard and features an extraordinarily robust construction and quality that provides many benefits in daily use. Read more...


2014/01/27: ALC NetworX is participating for the first time at ISE 2014

Whilst initially developed for the highly exacting demands of the broadcast market, the fields of application for RAVENNA clearly extend into other markets, especially in the fixed installation / integrated AV sector. The decision to exhibit at ISE 2014 is thus a logical step in the continued expansion of the RAVENNA technology into other market areas.

We are also participating in the Connessioni AudioForum@ISE2014, where Andreas Hildebrand will be a keynote speaker addressing the topic of why the AES67 standard is so important and how RAVENNA relates to it.

For more details see this announcement and related press release. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________